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About usAbout usAbout us
Annas Dravas is a family business in Latvia.
Anna first decided to make friends with bees in 2014 and bought 5 bee colonies as a hobby, and this spring in 2020 Anna Drava already has a hundred bee colonies. In the first year we had only one type of honey - wildflower honey, but at the moment we already offer different honey products - wildflower honey, blackcurrant honey, sea buckthorn honey, quince honey, wild mountain ash honey, rhubarb honey, honey with nettle and mint, propolis and ginger in honey, propolis in bloom, propolis infusion, propolis in oil, large wax moth infusion, pollen, bee bread, beeswax candles, propolis blankets, wax blankets, wild meadow flower teas and think of new ideas for new honey products all the time.

We currently have 2 online stores. - Latvia and England
Anna Dravas in England is represented by Kristine and all orders placed in the UK online store www.annasdravas.com are packed by Kristine.

The second online store in Latvia is www.annasdravas.lv, where all orders are packed and sent by parcel terminal or DPD itself beekeeper - Anna.



  • Dimzukalns, Iecavas novads, Latvia

We work and accept orders 7 days a week. All orders placed in the UK are sent by Hermes courier the next day except Sundays, as the courier does not accept parcels on Sundays. Delivery 3-5 days. I will answer your questions by e-mail as soon as possible.